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Draped in Elegance

Curtains are known to lend mood and ambience to a room. So treat your window with attractive drape from Danube Home. The rich textured designer curtains will make your home look not only grand and luxurious but also set in the right flow of breeze. Whatever be the style of your home, at Danube we have an extensive range of window covering to suit everyone’s taste. The elegant finishing touches, readymade and made to measure quality window décor collection will inspire you to choose the perfect rods, curtain tie backs and blinds. Choose from over 3,500 designer fabrics which have conceivable material and color and design. We are happy to throw in free consultation, design services, sheers, rails and installation.


Styles and Types of Curtains

There are so many different ways to decorate a window. Here is a selection of the different styles and types of curtains. These will give your ideas on what type of curtain style to use for your window decoration.


 Decorative Curtains – Curtain Valance


This is a deep frill of fabric at the top of a window, framing the window and hiding the curtain track or rod.



Casement Curtains, Rod Pocket, Panel Curtain

curtains_2.-Casement-Curtains,-Rod-Pocket,-Panel-CurtainThis style of curtain has many names. basically the casement curtain is best described as the top forms a pocket (or casement) that the fabric is then threaded onto a pole or rod. This is usually fixed outside the window frame. The fabric is sometimes difficult to pull across, so is often left in place and draped back to the sides of the windows and held in place with tie backs or hold backs.


  French Pleat, Triple Pleat, Pinch Pleat Curtain

curtains_3.-French-Pleat,-Triple-Pleat,-Pinch-Pleat-CurtainThese are regular spaced triple pleats generally formed by a tape that pulls through the cords to create the pleats. The pleats are pinched close together at the bottom so that they fan out towards the top. They require a specific pleater curtain hook to hold the pleats in place and attach the curtain to the track. They are often sewn at the base of the pleat on the face of the fabric to hold the pleat in place.


Tab Top Curtains

curtains_Grommet-Top-CurtainsCurtains or panels with fabric loops (tabs) at the top edge/head. They are threaded through poles or rods. Tab top curtains or panels can be constructed with less fullness than tape headed curtains saving on the amount of fabric required. Tab top curtains or panels are best not used where they will be drawn frequently as they don’t move easily over the poles and will wear quickly.


 Cafe Curtain

curtains_Cafe-CurtainThese originated from Vienna in the 19th Century, to allow patrons to view people passing by as they dined. Cafe Curtains cover only half the windows are stationary and are usually on rods (or poles) with rings.

They can also be tie top, tab top or grommet top for a more contemporary look. They are often teamed up with a valance at the top of the window, purely for decoration to create a tiered effect.