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The Window Delight!

The right window dressing can give your home a sophisticated look. Add a fresh, updated look to your space with window dressings from Danube Buildmart. Regulating the flow of air and light into your home the elegant range of Window Blinds from Danube helps in adding aesthetic value to your living and spaces. Choose from natural wood, aluminium, woven wood and a variety of other materials to achieve the look that’s just right for your home décor.


Wood weave


Wood blinds can go perfectly with wooden furniture. This should be given proper care for long life span and good to be installed in areas with controlled and stable humidity.



Our high end wood blinds  have the following features:

    • bullet_icon  Rollup
    • bullet_icon  This rolls the woven material up to form a roll at the window.
    • bullet_icon  Head rail with solid timber with easy fixing
    • bullet_icon  Solid timber co-ordinate with bottom bar
    • bullet_icon  Woven weave has braid finish on edges.
    • bullet_icon  Wide choice of natural colors finishes and textures.
    • bullet_icon  Min size 20* 50 cm max 2.4* 3 meter




Roman blinds have simple and elegant look hence are ideal window dressing for a modern home. Roman blinds have a very functional look and is made of fabrics, hence having wide variety of options which can suit any ambiance.


Basic Features of our roman blinds are as follows:

    • bullet_icon  These blinds are constructed using a white finished aluminum head rail.
    • bullet_icon  Blinds are made of invisible stitching.
    • bullet_icon  Each blinds come with ready to use with top/face brackets, fully corded and ready to hang.
    • bullet_icon  They are lined with a poly cotton liner or blackout liner.
    • bullet_icon  Trims and finishes can be added for extra appeal.
    • bullet_icon  As standard the blind is made to stack at one level.
    • bullet_icon  All blinds incorporate a pelmet to hide the head rail.
    • bullet_icon  Min blind size 30* 30 cm
    • bullet_icon  Maximum 3*4 meter
    • bullet_icon  Matching fabric covered head rail and bottom rail



Simple and effective, roller blinds are a truly minimalist solution. As with all the varieties of window covering, whether blinds or shutters , roller blinds perform several functions.



Basic features of roller blinds are as follows:

    • bullet_icon  These blinds are constructed using 32 mm extruded aluminum head rail with unique locking of fabric tube
    • bullet_icon  Slide action control with clutch system and nickel plated metal chain.
    • bullet_icon  PVC latch which is covered by the fabric both on the face and reverse slide, allows for the fabric and trim to be attached without stacking.
    • bullet_icon  Blinds has universal metal painted brackets allowing for top fix, side and face fix
    • bullet_icon  There are larger tubes and mechanisms of 38, 45 diameters for larger blinds.
    • bullet_icon  Min size 15cm* 40 cm, max 400 cm* 180 cm




This option is a very striking and impressive alternative to the traditional horizontal Venetian blind. The slats or panels can be rotated through 180 degrees, which not only allowing you to filter the light according to your need.

The basic features are as follows:

    • bullet_icon  These blinds consist of slim line conventional aluminum head rail in white, brown or silver.
    • bullet_icon  Operation may be drawn to one slide, split or centre.
    • bullet_icon  Control may be left hand or right hand.
    • bullet_icon  The blind are supplied with top fix brackets for recess, if face fix is required for external fixing extention brackets available.
    • bullet_icon  All vanes are supplied with welded bottom pocket and weights and joining chain in nickel finish.
    • bullet_icon  Control chain in nickel plated metal with aluminum side weight
    • bullet_icon  Vanes are 89 mm or 127 mm wide
    • bullet_icon  Min size 15* 30
    • bullet_icon  Max 4*4




Panel blinds are ideal window dressing for sliding doors or large windows, and also can be used as a room divider. It imparts a neat and contemporary look to the room and is a versatile solution for light control…


The basic features of panel  blinds are as follows:

    • bullet_icon  These blinds consists of slimline conventional aluminium head rail in white with 3,4,5 tracks depending on width of blind.
    • bullet_icon  Operation may be draw to one side or dplit. By corded or wand operation.
    • bullet_icon  Control may be LH or RH corder, or on the leading vane by wand operation.
    • bullet_icon  Blinds may be combined to cover wide feature wall.
    • bullet_icon  All panels are supplied with velcro fixing to slider.
    • bullet_icon  Min blind size 1*.5 mtr
    • bullet_icon  Max 4*4


Venetian Blinds


A Venetian blind has horizontal slats, one above another. Venetian blinds are basic slatted blinds made of metal or plastic; wooden slats are sometimes used usually referred to as wood blinds or bamboo blinds. They are suspended by strips of cloth called tapes, or by cords, by which all slats in unison can be rotated through nearly 180 degrees.


The basic features are:

    • bullet_icon  Available in slats 25, 35, 50 mm
    • bullet_icon  Slats are high quality bass wood with stained or painted finish covered with UV lacquer….or can be in alumunium
    • bullet_icon  All slats are finished on ends.
    • bullet_icon  Choice of matching acorns or metallic
    • bullet_icon  Metal colored head rail with end brackets for face top and side fix
    • bullet_icon  All blinds incorporate a pelmet to cover the headrail.
    • bullet_icon  Solid wooden profiled colour matched bottom rail.
    • bullet_icon  Min blind size .20 cm * .30 cm
    • bullet_icon  Maximum size 2.4mtr * 3 mtr
    • bullet_icon  Decorative tapes designs bring a splash of color of harmony with the wood.